Tired of having to figure it all out on your own?

Let me be your business partner + help you figure out the next steps in reaching your goals.

Trying to build a business on your own can be lonely.  Have you ever wished you had someone who understood what you are trying to do?  Someone you could brainstorm with, someone you could bounce ideas off of?


Well, that’s me.

In a world of webinars, blog posts, YouTube videos, and Facebook Groups, everyone has their own agenda – they’re trying to convince you why “their way” is the right way to build your business.  With so much conflicting information out there, you’re either trying to do it all,  you get completely overwhelmed and end up doing nothing, or you have no idea what order things should be done in.


It can get a little frustrating!

Don’t get frustrated. My name is Julie and I’m your new business partner for however long you need me.  Together we will create strategic plans and get them implemented so you can grow your business and reach the next level.


Want to hang out and get to know each other a bit before we become business buddies and partners?

How we work together

No two partnerships will be the same.  Why is that?

No two businesses are the same.

I have different options for you depending on where you are currently – whether you are starting out or an established business.

Still relatively new to the business game and not sure which category applies?  No worries!