Stop guessing and start building with a plan that will work for you and your business.

Let me be your business partner + help you figure out the next steps in reaching your goals.

You fall into the New Business category if…

You have a business idea or passion that you would like to make a living from

You currently have a product or products that you sell in an Etsy store or another online shop

You have something on the side that produces a bit of side income, but falls somewhere between hobby and business

You’ve had a business for a while, but it never took off the way you hoped and it’s more or less stagnant

New Business Consult | $127

It’s time to make this business happen and get it off the ground!  No more dreaming about it, using it as a hobby, selling your goods + services in someone else’s shop, or feeling like it’s just not going to work.  It’s time for you to get clear on what you want and how you’re going to make that happen.  We will look at where you are now, discuss what you want for the future, and put clear, actionable pieces in place to get you where you want to be.

You will wrap up your consult with:

  • a big picture plan for the next 12 months which will include where you want to be at the end of a year and what you should do to get there
  • a 30 day action plan that will include the most important things you should be doing right now to build a solid foundation
  • a 60 day action plan that will include the most important things you should do in the following 30 days to continue building upon that foundation
  • a plan that is specific + unique to you, your business, and your goals

Business Partner Package | $297/month

This is the recommended next step after your consult if you need some help in carrying out your plan.  When you purchase this package you get me as your business partner for the next 90 days.

This will include:

  • a weekly meeting to touch base and share project status
  • a schedule for implementing action items with assignments for both of us
  • teaching you how to implement the new strategies we discuss
  • having me implement new strategies we discuss
  • brainstorming and answers to all of your questions and concerns through the process

We will wrap up our time together by evaluating where you are now and figuring out the next steps.  This is a three month commitment so we can work your plan together and build a solid foundation over the next 90 days.  This includes 4 hours a month.

Want to hang out and get to know each other a bit before we become business buddies and partners?